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+ Loungers

We offer free sun loungers to every hotel guest for the duration of their stay.

+ Towels and slippers

For hotel guests we provide bathrobes, towels and clean slippers for your comfort.

+ Terrace access

We offer free access to the hotel terrace. Here you can order various dishes from the menu and make the most of your rest by the pool.

+ Private barbecues

You can rent our cosy gazebos for a shared family meal.

+ Free parking

For all our clients and guests of Hotel Giowine we offer secure parking.

+ Playground

Make the most of relaxing by the pool with your children. We guarantee your complete safety and comfort.

Our seasonal pool is 25 meters long and 14-16 meters wide with a massage waterfall, whirlpool and crystal clear water

Pool gallery

Outdoor terrace


Terrace gallery


MINORS ARE ONLY ALLOWED IN THE POOL ACCOMPANIED AND SUPERVISED BY THEIR PARENTS!1. Urinating in pool water is strictly prohibited! The person doing so will be indicated by the water reporters and will be responsible for paying for the damage caused (changing the water in the pool). 2. It is forbidden to enter the pool with food or any type of drink (except for products and drinks purchased in the GIOWINE complex and baby food).
1. It is forbidden to enter the swimming pool to anyone under the influence of alcohol or psychotropic substances, with indecent appearance or dirty clothes.
2. Access to the swimming pool will only be allowed after a shower to remove acidic substances from the body (from the natural process of sweating).
3. Entry to the pool is only in a swimsuit; no casual attire or underwear is allowed. Persons who do not comply with this rule will be banned from the pool.
4. Only persons who have paid the entrance fee for this service and hotel guests have access to the swimming pool – those who cannot prove the payment (wristband, cheque, QR code, etc.) after verification by the authorized staff will be expelled from the Giowine complex.
5. No reckless running and playing on the pool side is allowed. Pushing people into the water at the edge of the pool is prohibited. Jumping into the pool is not allowed. We do not take responsibility for any accidents or health problems caused by these reasons.
6. It is forbidden to use obscene, foul language, indecent, violent gestures, as well as behavior that affects the comfort and physical integrity of the guests and staff of the Giowine complex.
7. In the premises of the Giowine complex it is compulsory to keep clean and respect the hygienic and sanitary rules.
8. Please respect the staff and do not damage the property: furniture, equipment, sanitary facilities, etc. Damage to the property of the Giowine complex will be penalized.
9. We are not responsible for personal belongings, valuables left in the changing rooms, on the sun loungers or forgotten or lost.
We inform all guests of the rest park to respect the restrictions against Covid-19. If you have a fever or other symptoms characteristic of viral infections – access to the pool is strictly forbidden!

General information about COVID-19, government rules and guidelines on measures to combat the spread of COVID-19 infection and symptoms of this disease can be found on the website of the public health authorities (Ministry of Health, National Institute of Public Health).

Thank you for your understanding! Have a good rest!

We are looking forward to seeing you!

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The pool and the terrace are located on the territory of the Giowine complex, Cricova town, Crinilor 7, 13 km from Chisinau.

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